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[WATCH] GĦAJN Educational Resources – Online Virtual Lessons
By RBMP Life   |   08 Jun, 2020   |    | | | |

During the COVID-19 pandemic period, the Energy and Water Agency launched its online resources to provide educational tools to educators, parents, and students to continue with the educational process despite the extraordinary circumstances...

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€750,000 Investment for Water Conservation in Agriculture
By RBMP Life   |   09 Jun, 2021   |    | | |

€750,000 are being invested to support some 150 farmers for the efficient use of water in the agricultural sector, This investment is being carried out as part of the agency’s campaign, WATER – BE THE CHANGE’. The scheme allows...

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Local councils with a greater role in water conservation kit distribution
By RBMP Life   |   08 Mar, 2021   |    | | |

 In an initiative of the Ministry for Energy, Enterprise and Sustainable Development together with the Energy and Water Agency, talks have started with a number of Local Councils to have a greater role in the distribution of the water ...

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Make your green idea a reality
By RBMP Life   |   25 Jun, 2020   |    | | |

The European Commission has launched its 2020 call for project proposals under the LIFE programme. This year, we have earmarked more than €450 million for nature conservation, environmental protection, and climate action projects. We have...

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Sustainability Training Course
By RBMP Life   |   18 Dec, 2019   |    | | | | | |

The Energy and Water Agency is organizing a one-day sustainability training course aimed at corporate employees. The Agency supports the Government in the formulation and implementation of national policies and management plans in the energ...

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3rd annual call for school projects to promote the better use of water resources
By RBMP Life   |   01 Nov, 2019   |    | | | | | | | |

The  LIFE Integrated Project supports the implementation of Malta’s 2nd River Basin Management Plan through the undertaking of several measures aimed at optimising the use of water resources in the Maltese Islands.  Action C.4 u...

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10 schools awarded more than €10,000 for water conservation projects
By RBMP Life   |   31 Oct, 2019   |    | | | | |

The Energy and Water Agency through the LIFE-IP RBMP-MALTA Project is supporting ten schools in Malta and Gozo to undertake initiatives for the promotion of rainwater harvesting and other water conservation practices.  The schools bein...

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Nationwide water conservation campaign launched
By RBMP Life   |   21 Oct, 2019   |    | |

A national water conservation campaign that is to span over three years has just been launched, and the Energy and Water Agency will be spearheading it. The campaign, entitled 'Water - Be the Change' or 'L-Ilma - Ibda Minnek' will aim to de...

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