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[WATCH] GĦAJN Educational Resources – Online Virtual Lessons
By RBMP Life   |   08 Jun, 2020   |    | | | |

During the COVID-19 pandemic period, the Energy and Water Agency launched its online resources to provide educational tools to educators, parents, and students to continue with the educational process despite the extraordinary circumstances...

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By RBMP Life   |   20 Nov, 2021   |    | | | |

A LIFE Project Management meeting was held on Tuesday 9th November 2021. These meetings are planned with all Action Leaders of the LIFE Project to discuss the complementation aspects of each action as well as monitor the delivery of the exp...

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€750,000 Investment for Water Conservation in Agriculture
By RBMP Life   |   09 Jun, 2021   |    | | |

€750,000 are being invested to support some 150 farmers for the efficient use of water in the agricultural sector, This investment is being carried out as part of the agency’s campaign, WATER – BE THE CHANGE’. The scheme allows...

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Nationwide monitoring system to safeguard groundwater quality
By RBMP Life   |   09 Jun, 2021   |    | | |

 A nationwide monitoring system to track water quality percolating to the water table is being set up by the Energy and Water Agency. This technology, which is being set up together with Israeli company Sensoil, will detect any co...

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Joint Statement by The Energy and Water Agency and Nature Trust Malta-FEE
By RBMP Life   |   09 Jun, 2021   |    | | | |

 It is noted with great satisfaction by the Energy and Water Agency, responsible for the execution of the rehabilitation works at Wied il-Qlejgħa, commonly referred to as Chadwick Lakes, and by Nature Trust Malta-FEE, which has been w...

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Local councils with a greater role in water conservation kit distribution
By RBMP Life   |   08 Mar, 2021   |    | | |

 In an initiative of the Ministry for Energy, Enterprise and Sustainable Development together with the Energy and Water Agency, talks have started with a number of Local Councils to have a greater role in the distribution of the water ...

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Second call for R&I projects in Energy & Water to be launched in March

 The second call for projects under the Support Scheme for Research and Innovation Projects in the Fields of Energy and Water will open this coming March. This was announced by Minister for Energy, Enterprise and Sustainable Developmen...

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INCIRCLE Project newsletter
By RBMP Life   |   15 Dec, 2020   |    | | | | |

The Energy and Water Agency is currently undertaking an INTERREG MED project called INCIRCLE which focuses on the peculiar needs of islands and low-density areas. The IN-CIRCLE project tailors policies that address mobility, energy efficien...

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Building resilience through effective water management
By RBMP Life   |   09 Dec, 2020   |    | | | |

 Water scarcity is an issue in many countries, especially those related to the impact of climate change. Malta, one of the countries facing these issues, is working on innovative water management plans and is having success in this sec...

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The official launch of the LIFE-IP RBMP-MALTA
By RBMP Life   |   12 Nov, 2020   |    | | |

The RBMP Life Project was launched back in 2018 through the LIFE-IP RBMP-MALTA conference on "Optimising the implementation of the 2nd RBMP in the Malta River Basin District. During the first phase of the project (2018-2019) several ...

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