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RBMP LIFE Project given top EU-MED endorsement

The Union for the Mediterranean has given its endorsement to Malta's LIFE-IP Water Project

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The EWA is currently implementing the LIFE 16 IPE MT 008 project, a Eur17 million project with the objective of supporting the implementation of the 2nd RBMP through the development of specific actions focusing on all water resources in Malta.

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Project Actions
Project Actions
Project Actions are activities which are being implemented as part of the LIFE Integrated Project. These are divided into two categories: Preparatory Actions, and Concrete Actions. The former are being implemented in Phase 1 of the LIFE Integrated Project (2018-2019) and the latter will be mostly implemented throughout Phases 2, 3 and 4 (2020-2025). view more


Complementary Projects
Complementary Projects
The Complementary Actions to the project support the implementation of the programme of measures developed as part of Malta’s 2nd RBMP and therefore contribute towards the achievement of good environmental status in all of Malta’s natural water resources. view complementary projects