Sustainability Training Course

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The Energy and Water Agency is organizing a one-day sustainability training course aimed at corporate employees. The Agency supports the Government in the formulation and implementation of national policies and management plans in the energy and water sectors.


Project aims 

The course ‘Energy, Water, and Waste Solutions’ is aimed to offer a service to the corporate sector by means of an employee training program that will create a positive impact on businesses by raising awareness on their role in sustainability. This project is also aimed to present concepts and issues faced by the corporate sector on sustainability and offer ideas on sustainability solutions, and, instill behavioral change across the corporate sector. In the end it will promote employee well-being.


Project learning and action outcomes 

This project will evaluate how the SDGs can contribute to the process of change towards sustainable development. It will possibly also identify challenges and opportunities for improved sustainability in the workplace. The course will highlight the principles of good practice in the workplace for sustainable development, and, will devise a plan of action that reduces the impact of human activities on the environmental (water/carbon) footprint.


Project actions 

The involvement and support from senior management is key for the behavioral changes to occur at the workplace. It would be preferred that these are roped in as stakeholders from the early stages of the project.

The project actions will be conducted over two phases:

Phase one (1): A one-day training course based on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) principles. The course will be offered to employees from the corporate sector.

Phase two (2): Follow up sessions with the attendees of the training course by applying ESD strategies in order to create behavioral change. This will be done by means of an action plan and/or a sustainability diary.

Course shall be held from 08:30 till 14:30hrs at the GĦAJN: National Water Conservation Awareness Centre in Rabat on the following dates:

9th January 2020

20th February 2020

26th March 2020

23rd April 2020

21st May 2020

11th June 2020

For further information or to reserve your spot, kindly contact Amanda Zahra on tel: +356 2229 2532 or by email on

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