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Sustainability Training Course
By RBMP Life   |   18 Dec, 2019   |    | | | | | |

The Energy and Water Agency is organizing a one-day sustainability training course aimed at corporate employees. The Agency supports the Government in the formulation and implementation of national policies and management plans in the energ...

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By RBMP Life   |   08 Nov, 2019   |    | | | |

​The Union for the Mediterranean, a highly influential organisation bringing together EU and Mediterranean countries, has given its endorsement to Malta’s LIFE-IP Water Project, which aims to improve water management in coastal and isla...

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3rd annual call for school projects to promote the better use of water resources
By RBMP Life   |   01 Nov, 2019   |    | | | | | | | |

The  LIFE Integrated Project supports the implementation of Malta’s 2nd River Basin Management Plan through the undertaking of several measures aimed at optimising the use of water resources in the Maltese Islands.  Action C.4 u...

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Malta to host Europe-INBO conference in 2020
By RBMP Life   |   31 Oct, 2019   |    | | | | | | |

The Energy and Water Agency, together with the Ministry for Energy and Water Management, is pleased to announce that Malta was successfully chosen as the hosting country for the upcoming 18th Conference of the Network of European Water...

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Emerging Risks of Chemicals in the Environment
By RBMP Life   |   06 Dec, 2018   |   


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Eco-label scheme
By RBMP Life   |   31 Oct, 2018   |    | | | |

This initiative shall be implemented in four tasks. The first task includes a Market Analysis which shall be carried out in the initial phase of the action implementation. The second task involves the development of a Market Strategy base...

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Development of a monitoring strategy for contaminants of emerging concern
By RBMP Life   |   31 Oct, 2018   |    | | | | | | | | | | |

The action involves the development of a monitoring strategy at a national river basin district scale for contaminants and pollutants of emerging concern (NORMAN8 List of Emerging Substances) in the water environment including surface water...

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The Assessment of the Sectoral Water Demand in the Maltese Islands
By RBMP Life   |   17 Oct, 2018   |    | | |

The Energy and Water Agency is currently developing an econometric model of future sectoral water demand in the Maltese Islands. The objective of this action is to characterise present and future national water demand by the most important ...

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Water Educational Campaign: Water Conservation and Sustainability
By RBMP Life   |   17 Oct, 2018   |    | | |

Presently, the Energy and Water Agency is developing and implementing a water educational programme to raise awareness on the scarcity of natural water resources in the Maltese Islands and also promote water conservation to the younger gene...

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