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€750,000 Investment for Water Conservation in Agriculture
By RBMP Life   |   09 Jun, 2021   |    | | |

€750,000 are being invested to support some 150 farmers for the efficient use of water in the agricultural sector, This investment is being carried out as part of the agency’s campaign, WATER – BE THE CHANGE’. The scheme allows...

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Mapping of industrial polluting activities
By RBMP Life   |   31 Oct, 2018   |    | | | | | | | |

Through this action a study will be set-up to identify the types and main constituents of liquid waste waters being generated and disposed of by particular sectors of industry (Pharmaceuticals, Paints/pigment production, Waste treatment fac...

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Stakeholder assessment and perception survey
By RBMP Life   |   31 Oct, 2018   |    | | | | | | |

This action aims to identify the representative water use sectors/organisations (the domestic, agricultural, commercial, maritime and tourism sector; and of related interest groups such as environmental, cultural and leisure related non-gov...

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Market research on water demand management technologies

The action will undertake a research and surveying exercise on the availability of water demand management technologies (including devices and appliances) for use by the main water using sectors in the Maltese Islands, namely the domestic, ...

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Assessment of the sectoral water demand in Malta and Gozo

The domestic, agriculture and industrial/commercial sectors shall be analysed historically and a demand forecast developed and projected for the next 50 years. This through the development of econometric water demand models, which correlate...

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