The Assessment of the Sectoral Water Demand in the Maltese Islands

17 Oct, 2018    |   by RBMP Life   |    , , ,

The Energy and Water Agency is currently developing an econometric model of future sectoral water demand in the Maltese Islands. The objective of this action is to characterise present and future national water demand by the most important water use sectors in the Maltese Islands, namely, the domestic, agricultural and industrial/commercial sectors. Past data on domestic, agricultural and industrial/commercial sectors is being analysed to develop projected demand forecasts for the next 50 years. The forecast will be tested for sensitivity to different assumptions and prevailing trends on the basis of a number of socio-economic and environmental factors, whilst taking into account the different scenarios for water demand evolution for each sector.

The assessment of water demand is a key management tool and a prerequisite for good water resources planning. The benefit of such assessments is to provide essential information to support planners throughout the decision-making process on strategic planning and investment appraisals for water supply development. 

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