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Emerging contaminants in groundwater
By RBMP Life   |   06 Dec, 2018   |   


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Heating and cooling installations
By RBMP Life   |   31 Oct, 2018   |    | | |

The development of a heating and cooling system at a pilot level is being proposed under this action to enable the testing of these systems under controlled conditions. The pilot plant shall be located at the fringe regions of the aquifer s...

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Exploitation of deep saline aquifers
By RBMP Life   |   31 Oct, 2018   |    | |

The main focus of this action is to develop a pilot abstraction, treatment and discharge system to enable the exploitation of deep saline groundwater. Malta’s most important aquifer system, the Mean Sea Level aquifer system, consists of a...

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Development of a monitoring strategy for contaminants of emerging concern
By RBMP Life   |   31 Oct, 2018   |    | | | | | | | | | | |

The action involves the development of a monitoring strategy at a national river basin district scale for contaminants and pollutants of emerging concern (NORMAN8 List of Emerging Substances) in the water environment including surface water...

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