Water Educational Campaign: Water Conservation and Sustainability

17 Oct, 2018    |   by RBMP Life   |    , , ,

Presently, the Energy and Water Agency is developing and implementing a water educational programme to raise awareness on the scarcity of natural water resources in the Maltese Islands and also promote water conservation to the younger generations.

The programme consists of a number of components which include;

(a) the development of water educational modules,

(b) the branding, design and printing of water conservation educational material to be used in schools and the community outreach programmes,

(c) the provision of training through a number of targeted workshops to staff/educators within schools, and

(d) the organisation of specific awareness raising events, such as the annual activities in commemoration of the Water Day initiative (21st March).

Furthermore, through this action, the realisation of a number of water conservation projects in a number of schools in Malta and Gozo is central. These projects, apart from reducing the overall water consumption of the schools through increased water efficiency, will definitely help in raising the awareness of the students, their families and the community, on the significant water management issues faced by the Maltese Islands.

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