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The Għajn Centre is a platform to raise local awareness on the challenges facing the water sector in Malta and hence the need for conservation and management of this scarce natural resource. One of the main activities of the Centre is concise audio-visual presentation highlighting the water culture of the Maltese Islands and the specific characteristics, which have been adopted to ensure the sustainable use of water resources. The water learning experience offered at the Centre is based on interactive screens (games) and numerous teaching installations which enable the Centre’s message on water conservation to be delivered in an informal and ‘fun’ setting.  

The Għajn website is a necessecary requirement so as to promote public awareness, to be used as a tool by educators that want to learn more about the subject and use is as a tool in their teaching and also as additional information to students that visit the Centre. The website includes general information on the Għajn Centre, but also specific information on each theme mentioned in the four interactive water activities that are at the centre.

 The target audience for this website are:

  • Educators that would like to supplement their teaching resources with additional information about water management and water conservation.
  • Students and young visitors that visit the Għajn Centre.
  • The Maltese general public who will benefit from the availability of information regarding the Għajn: National Water Awareness Conservation Centre.


One can access the Ghajn: National Water Conservation Awareness Centre website on :