VALLEYS Discovering Malta’s & Gozo’s Watercourses & their Value to Society

19 Apr, 2022    |   by RBMP Life   |   

Valleys discovering Malta & Gozo’s watercourses & their value to society deals with the island’s labyrinth of valleys, which are locally called ‘widien’. These meandering ecosystems contain a plethora of flora and fauna which vary from one valley to another. While some valleys contain flowing freshwater all year round, such as Lunzjata in Gozo, most of the island’s valleys have seasonal flow and tend to dry up during the summer months. These environments are hosts to different plants and animals, some of which the general public is not aware of due to the rarity in sightings of certain species.

The Valleys book aims to display a new perspective on the ecosystems of the Islands diverse valleys. Dealing with opening a new perspective on areas where plant biodiversity flourishes, the authors mark highly sensitive areas which are void of invasive species but rich in local flora.  As much as local endemic species are important, it is also vital to be aware of invasive flora and fauna, so as not to contribute to the spread of such species. PARKS Malta strives to control invasives in valleys and the authors contribution on this topic is of utmost interest and importance to all.

Faunal diversity in Malta is mostly confined to certain areas in the valleys, this is due to the fact that harder to access valleys are minimally affected by anthropogenic activities, and hence sensitive species flourish in these undisturbed habitats. Restoration both ecologically and structurally are reported and recommended in the valleys mentioned. These will in turn benefit a wide range of stakeholders such as the general public as well as farmers that work in surrounding agricultural land.

Valleys: Discovering Malta’s & Gozo’s Watercourses & their Value to Society is an eyeopener to most, revealing hidden valleys, their geological and hydrological features, as well as giving the reader vital information on the flora and fauna one can find in these sites. Preserving what the Maltese Island’s valleys have to offer is imperative for  future generations.

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