Action C.17: Multi-stakeholder platform
Concrete action

The objective of this action is to establish a multi-stakeholder water table involving stakeholders from both the public and private sectors (including water user associations and e-NGOs). These stakeholders would meet regularly to assess the progress achieved in the implementation of the Integrated Project and the 2nd RBMP, look towards the development of the 3rd RBMP, and discuss potential ways in which this implementation process can be optimised.

Photo of action
Photo of action
Photo of action
  • The action will involve two main tasks: the first will entail the establishment of logistical support facilities for the coordination of water table meetings, with particular reference to the need of maintaining a regular link with the members of the water table. The second task will entail the organisation of quarterly table meetings, in which stakeholders will be updated on the progress in the implementation of identified measures under the 2nd RBMP. It is envisaged that the water table

  • will be comprised by at least 17 representatives from both public and private stakeholders and will be chaired by a representative from EWA. Representation will be shared equally between public and private stakeholder representatives. Whilst the representatives of the identified public agencies will be nominated by their respective Ministry, the representative of the private stakeholder organisation will be selected following a public expression of interest for participation in this water table.

  • The main expected result from this action is the establishment of an ongoing stakeholder engagement process in support of the implementation process of Malta’s

  • 2nd RBMP. In this regard, 32 stakeholder water table meetings (on a quarterly basis) are planned to be held during the course of the LIFE IP.

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