Action C.18: Monitoring for emerging pollutants of potential concern
Concrete action

The objective of this action is to implement the monitoring framework for emerging contaminants of concern in the water environment developed under Action A.1 at a national river basin district scale.

Photo of action
Photo of action
  • This action will entail the undertaking of an investigative monitoring exercise based on the monitoring strategy developed under Action A.1. This will entail the screening of all identified substances over a 2-year period in the 4 identified water categories (coastal and inland surface waters; rainwater runoff; groundwater; and New Water) and shall include the taking of replicates. Monitoring

  • results pertaining to each water category every year will be presented in reports. The detection of any indicator parameter at levels which could be of potential concern will then lead to focused monitoring of the particular contaminant during the third year. This monitoring exercise will commence in 2020. Any potential contaminants of concerns shall be monitored for a third time in 2022.

  • The main expected results from this action are the analytical results on the content of the identified emerging contaminants in the different water typologies. Moreover, this action, together with preparatory Action A.6,

  • will result in the identification of potential emerging pollutants of concern and concentrations of such, which may be subject to further regulation depending on their ecotoxicity and potential health effects.

Take a look at the Deliverables for this action.

A report explaining the results of the screening monitoring.

Report describing in-depth investigative monitoring results carried out at the end of the action implementation period.