Action A.3: Mapping of related research projects
Preparatory action

The aim of this action was to establish a technical committee with representatives of all project partners who undertook an exploratory exercise to identify research initiatives through both EU and non-EU funded initiatives, on issues of relevance to the concrete actions being coordinated by each respective project partner. 

  • LEAD BENEFICIARYEnergy and Water Agency (EWA)
  • LOCATIONMaltese Islands
  • STATUSConcluded
  • KEYWORDS Database, Research Catalogue,
Photo of action
Photo of action
Photo of action
Photo of action

This action established an inventory of related initiatives which can be referred to during the development and implementation of the concrete actions during the 2nd, 3rd and 4th phase of the LIFE Integrated Project. The inventory was developed by the EWA with the support of all the project beneficiaries when it comes to EU research projects in the respective field of competence.
The project beneficiaries enhanced their respective competences through desktop studies and participation in international conferences.