Action C.15: Impact of Reverse Osmosis discharges on the marine environment
Concrete action

The objective of this action is to investigate and determine the impact of brine discharge from Reverse Osmosis (RO) plants to the marine environment.

  • LEAD PARTNERWater Services Corporation (WSC)
  • LOCATIONMaltese Islands
  • STATUSForthcoming
  • KEYWORDS Reverse osmosis,
Photo of action
Photo of action
  • This action shall focus on the development of a monitoring program with the scope of understanding the impacts of brine being discharged into the marine environment. The sampling programme shall cover a period of two years to ensure that the

  • sampling program captures any seasonal variations in the quantity of brine being discharged into the marine environment and due consideration is given to the changing hydrodynamic conditions and their effect on brine and seawater mixing.

  • The expected result of this action is an increased understanding on the impacts of reverse osmosis brine discharge on the marine environment.

  • Specifically this action shall produce a report highlighting the results of the impact assessment carried out as part of this action.

Take a look at the Deliverables for this action.

A report on the impact assessment of brine discharges from reverse osmosis plants on the marine environment.