Action C.14: Anchoring and Mooring Surveys
Concrete action

Anchoring and mooring activity is generally associated with pressures on seabed habitats through physical damage. While the impacts of such activity are widely known, this pressure has not been quantified on a national scale. This action will address this knowledge gap by surveying and mapping the marine waters which are subject to mooring/anchoring activity. Further, within selected areas, the habitat types that are likely to be affected through such activity will be identified and assessed for resulting impacts.

Subsequently, the identified impacts shall be addressed through the identification of management options as applicable to different scenarios. These options will be subject to a prioritisation exercise, based on technical feasibility, the sensitivity of affected habitats and the outcomes of a socio-economic assessment. Selected priority options will then be implemented on a pilot basis and monitored in terms of both ecological objectives and user demands, with a view to inform management processes in the longer-term.

Photo of action
Photo of action

The results to be achieved through this action include the identification and mapping of marine areas which are subject to anchoring/mooring activities, the impact assessment of such activities on seabed habitats and the development of cost-effective management options. This measure is expected to lead to management of such activities with a reduction of impacts on benthic habitats to be achieved in the longer-term.