Action A.9: Groundwater Modelling
Preparatory action

The action focuses on the development of 3D-Numerical Groundwater Models of the Malta Main, Gozo Main and Pwales coastal aquifer systems to enable the modelling of the impact of the subsequent concrete actions under the Life Integrated Project.

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Photo of action
Photo of action
  • It is planned that the development of numerical models for these aquifer systems will be undertaken through two main tasks. The first task shall focus on the development of the aquifer numerical models of the Malta and Gozo mean sea-level and coastal aquifer systems. The models will be based on conventional modelling platforms, where the use of existing modelling options based on Modflow (finite difference) or Feflow (finite element) will be considered. Following the choice of modelling platforms,

  • model development will be initiated based on the available hydro-geological information. The model will eventually be calibrated on groundwater level and abstraction data which will be made available by the Water Services Corporation. The second task will require the provision of training to a core-group of staff within the Energy and Water Agency who will be eventually be utilising the model to develop scenarios in support of the implementation of subsequent concrete actions in the LIFE Integrated Project.

  • This action will result in the development of numerical groundwater resources models for the Malta main and Gozo main Mean Sea Level Aquifer systems and Coastal Aquifer system. Additionally, the provision of training

  • to a group of staff within the EWA to ensure technical competency and knowledge to run scenarios on the created model and continue to develop and update it during and beyond the LIFE Integrated Project.

Take a look at the Deliverables for this action.

A Report on the numerical models of the mean sea level and coastal aquifer systems

The training report on the use of groundwater numerical modelling systems