Action A.8: Catchment Modelling
Preparatory action

The scope of this action is to develop a long-term vision for the protection, conservation and rehabilitation of Malta’s valleys. Moreover, plans and guidelines for the management and maintenance of catchments, sub-catchments and valley stretches based on the notion of River Basin Management Planning are being formulated. The project will also identify, assess and categorise ecosystem services provided by each catchment. The key results of this action will be presented in the masterplans, and within a coffee-table book aimed at the public.

Photo of action
Photo of action

An extensive desktop study was carried out to identify and assimilate existing information relating to valley catchments in the Maltese Islands. This included the collation and review of over 150 scientific papers and other reports relating to the geology, hydrology, ecology and management of the areas of interest. Ground-truthing surveys and collection of remotely sensed imagery, required to fill data gaps prior to the development of the master plans and technical guidelines, have been implemented. A complex geographic information system was created to enable the completion of the data collection aspect of the project. A baseline assessment of the main ecosystem services provided by the studied catchments has been completed, resulting in service provision maps and economic valuations of the identified services.

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