18 Sep, 2023    |   by RBMP Life   |   

Minister Stefan Zrinzo Azzopardi together with Parliamentary Secretary Chris Bonett announced five projects in which better rainwater conservation and management systems will be created. These projects will be carried out in the localities of Paola, Mosta, Marsaskala and Għajnsielem.

The total funds allocated to these projects are over €2 million and will be part-financed by European funds, through the LIFE programme. The Energy and Water Agency will be in charge of the coordination of the LIFE RBMP programme, while the Department of Public Works will be in charge of planning and implementing rainwater infrastructure.

Minister for Public Works and Planning Stefan Zrinzo Azzopardi explained that these projects will primarily focus on the sustainability and conservation of groundwater as there will be better water storage in valleys, gardens and open spaces. This water will be able to be used by farmers to water fruit and vegetable trees and at the same time prevent flooding on the roads.

The Minister also mentioned that through this investment, open spaces will be given a brighter appearance, will be more sustainable and will be more usable by the public.

Parliamentary Secretary for European Funds Chris Bonett stressed that with the help of EU Funds, these projects will be able to be carried out, which are also part of the government's work to further increase open spaces leading to an improvement in the quality of life of residents.

"Through this investment and collaboration between various entities, we are turning abandoned spaces into spaces that can be enjoyed by all while conserving rainwater and making sure it is used sustainably," said Parliamentary Secretary Bonett.

Paola Mayor Dominic Grima and Engineer Andrew Vella, who is coordinating the projects on behalf of the Public Works Department, were also present for the launch.

More information on the 5 projects:

  • Paola: A Garden, which will be named after former MP Silvio Parnis, will be restored sustainably, in collaboration with Paola Local Council. A reservoir will be built to store rainwater for irrigation of trees and plants in the garden. The garden will also be equipped with equipment that can be used by children and an outdoor gym. With the aim of getting more people to practice sport, part of the project will include a basketball court.
  • Mosta: In Għajn Mula Valley, in collaboration with Project Green, the restoration of the valley will be carried out, where it will be cleaned of sludge and will be planted in native trees and shrubs that are better suited to the valley instead of invasive ones. Around 200 trees will be planted in total. In addition, demolished rubble walls will be rebuilding.
  • In Marsascala, in collaboration with Project Green, an invasive species will be cleaned and an invasive species removed. A total of 114 new drought-proof species will be planted. This is while rainwater will be stored for use by farmers.
  • Għajnsielem: In The Apparition Square, Amabile Cauchi Garden will be modernised and an underground reservoir will be built for irrigation water storage. In addition, boreholes will be dug where rainwater will be collected from roads, to avoid flooding in the area.
  • Għajnsielem: In Simirat Valley, the waste and soil accumulated in them will be cleaned. In addition, invasive species will arise and endemic trees will be planted in their place.