16 Oct, 2020    |   by RBMP Life   |   

The Energy and Water Agency through its educational initiatives on water management and conservation, developed four booklets based on the water games found at the Għajn: National Water Conservation Awareness Centre . These will help students increase their knowledge about this precious and scarce natural resource. 


The Water Cycle: The first part of the game focuses on the water cycle where students can create clouds and make rain. The games also tackle the issue of nitrates as a source of pollution in our groundwater. The second part of the game focuses on the problem associated with urbanization as a result of an increase in impermeable surfaces, leading to the development of flooding (in the same water cycle format). To get rid of the problem of flooding, students are made aware that if buildings are replaced by the permeable surfaces, it will alleviate the problem of flooding. The booklet can be found


The Fairly Hydrated Knight: This activity focuses on the conservation of natural water resources and presents water management practices which have their origins in the Maltese history and culture. The students are required to: stop the rainwater runoff and collect it in a cistern, avoid the cistern from becoming polluted, protect an aqueduct from attacking ‘monsters’, deliver a water bucket from a “spiera” to the thirsty knight by going through a maze, and drill shafts to enable water to flow from a spring gallery. The booklet can be found 


The Water Hero: This activity focuses on the efficient use of water in the home. The main character in the game is a water super-hero who tackles several challenges with the aim to improve water use in the home. The activity starts with an outline of how we can use water more efficiently in our homes. This is followed by an interactive game in which students must help the water hero to fix tap aerators, volume reducers, efficient showers in homes, and react to other water-wasting scenarios. The booklet can be found


The Water Operator: This activity focuses on the provision of water services (drinking water and wastewater treatment). In the game, the students navigate through a fictional map of a water production and distribution system and are faced with several management decisions. The objective of the game is for students to ensure the adequate supply of water and the treatment of wastewater. In each decision, they will have to consider the cost, energy requirements and water demand to try to overcome the challenges whilst keeping the highest level of points under each category. The game thus involves group discussions and decision making and therefore fosters teamwork between students. The booklet can be found.