Action C.9: Valley Management Plan
Concrete action

This action will set up two pilot projects, one in Malta and one in GozoThese will serve as case studies to monitor the effectiveness of the masterplans and technical guidelines developed within the Catchment Modelling action (Action A8). 

The pilot sites will be selected based on the ecosystem services evaluation carried out in the Action A8, which will rank valleys and sub-catchments according to ecosystem services and socio-economic values provided, and information gathered during the creation of the masterplans, such as stakeholder feedback. 

Photo of action
Photo of action
Photo of action

This action will result in pilot projects in Maltese Islands with a minimum of 15,000m² of watercourse (including habitats, hydrological functions, rural infrastructure, cultural and recreational assets) restored. Further outcomes will be the implementation reports, maintenance plans and framework agreements for the long-term management of each of the pilot sites.