Sabiħa Beach in Birżebbuġa Hosts Successful Closing of Saving Our Blue Summer Campaign

13 Sep, 2023    |   by RBMP Life   |   


Energy and Water Agency Showcases Efforts;

RBMP LIFE Malta Promotes Upcoming Open Weekend

In a fantastic display of community spirit and environmental responsibility, the Saving Our Blue summer campaign concluded with a lively event at Sabiħa Beach in Birżebbuġa on Sunday, September 10. Participants gathered to celebrate their commitment to safeguarding our precious marine environment. The event, which started at four in the afternoon, was a culmination of the campaign's efforts to raise awareness about marine conservation. Attendees enjoyed a wide range of activities, including games, sports sessions, and educational programs focused on understanding and protecting marine life.

The Energy and Water Agency made a significant contribution to the event by showcasing various efforts and projects aimed at sustainable water management. Their participation highlighted the importance of collaborative efforts in addressing environmental challenges.

In addition to the agency's involvement, leaders from the RBMP LIFE Malta project actively promoted the upcoming Open Week at the National Water Conservation Awareness Centre - GHAJN. The Open Week, scheduled for September 23rd - 24th, 2023, from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM, will be a family-friendly event at GHAJN featuring interactive children's theater, animations, games, water conservation mini-tours, and more. Admission is completely FREE, welcoming all members of the community to participate.

"We want to extend our invitation to everyone to join us for the OPEN WEEK at the National Water Conservation Awareness Centre - GHAJN! It's an excellent opportunity to learn, have fun, and contribute to the cause of water conservation," said the RBMP LIFE Malta project leaders.”

At the Saving Our Blue event, attendees were also introduced the public to Action C.5, the QATRA QATRA game, which encourages families to download and embark on a journey to change their water usage behaviour, promoting water efficiency at home and school. This initiative aims to empower individuals to make more sustainable choices in their daily lives.

Furthermore, the event featured the promotion of the house visit service Action C.1, which offers valuable insights into water conservation practices at home. To learn more about this service, interested individuals can visit here.

The Saving Our Blue campaign's success reflects the power of community engagement in tackling environmental challenges. The organizers look forward to future initiatives and hope to inspire even more individuals to join the cause.

Join us in our mission to protect our oceans and marine life – together, we can make a difference!