25 Mar, 2024    |   by RBMP Life   |   

As per the Met Office, since the start of the rainfall year, which begins on September 1, 200.2mm of rain has been recorded ion average in Malta.

The average annual rainfall of the last 10 years is estimated at 474mm, considerably lower than the overall annual average for rainfall in Malta in the past decades which stands at around 550m.

Since the 1st of September 2023, each month has seen significantly less rainfall than what is usually expected.

October was a record dry month, with 0.8 mm of precipitation recorded. On average, 91.1mm of rain is recorded in October. September, November, December and March were also much drier than average.

Malta has experienced extended consecutive drought years, especially since 2000. Prolonged droughts and reduced rainfall can also progressively alter the natural water balance because of the reduced groundwater recharge.

With the increasing effects of climate change becoming more evident, what are the possible solutions?

-        We should always strive to conserve water and stop wastage in all our water using activities. Adding good water conservation habits to your daily routine can help to address such challenges.

-        We need to focus on the use of more unconventional water resources as a long-term solution. Unconventional water resources are key to address the increasing issues resulting from these changes to our environment and reduce the existing pressures on our natural water resources. Have a functioning rainwater harvesting system, such as a well/reservoir or a rain barrel is one simple step in the right direction to allow the use of non-conventional resources whilst also providing potential monetary benefits.