Energy & Water Agency Promotes Integrated Water Management at Europe-INBO Conference

18 Oct, 2023    |   by RBMP Life   |   

The Energy & Water Agency was an active participant in the 20th "2023 Europe-INBO" International Conference held this week in Valencia, focusing on the implementation of the European Water Directive. The conference spotlighted the pivotal role played by involving a diverse range of stakeholders in achieving successful integrated water management—a key aspect emphasized by the Energy & Water Agency.

One notable initiative that garnered attention during the conference was the RBMP #LIFE Malta project. This project has been instrumental in facilitating integrated water management by actively involving various stakeholders. The significance of engaging stakeholders was underscored as an essential element in executing successful water management strategies.

The RBMP LIFE Malta project, in particular, has demonstrated how collaboration and involvement from diverse stakeholders can lead to comprehensive and effective water management strategies. By fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing, this project enables the gathering of critical information, the dissemination of awareness, and the conduct of educational activities.

Moreover, the RBMP LIFE Malta project is at the forefront of adopting innovative approaches to water management. These approaches align with contemporary sustainability goals and contribute to the holistic management of water resources. By encouraging innovation, the project aims to address evolving challenges and ensure a sustainable and prosperous future.

Through tangible actions and initiatives like the RBMP LIFE Malta project, the Energy & Water Agency aims to drive a concrete shift in water management. The emphasis is on creating a sustainable and inclusive approach that involves all stakeholders, ultimately working towards a more water-secure and environmentally conscious future.

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