Action C.6: Demonstration Site for the application of New Water Resources – Gozo
Concrete action

The objective of this action is to raise awareness on tackling the public perception on New Water and showcase tangible examples on the correct and safe application of New Water by different users.

Photo of action
Photo of action
Photo of action
  • The action proposes the development of a demonstration site at the Government Experimental Farm in Gozo for the application of New Water to agricultural irrigation. The demonstration will enable a comparative evaluation of crop productivity when using different irrigation sources, one of which is New Water, demonstrate smart and innovative techniques

  • applicable to irrigation efficiency and show how groundwater can be substituted feasibly and safely with this new source for irrigation, thus reducing pressure on groundwater bodies. It will also allay fears and apprehensions on the use of New Water, and provide a good training forum for young farmers to put innovation into practice.

  • It is expected that this action will serve to demonstrate the good, safe and reliable use of New Water, to promote it as an important part of Gozo’s sustainability strategy and effectively demonstrate to direct and indirect users the safe use of treated water in the agricultural sector. The

  • trials and tests conducted will help establish a link between the use of borehole water and new water in the agricultural sector. In particular, the study is expected to show that the use of New Water is a safe and reliable alternative to borehole water when used for irrigation purposes.

Take a look at the Deliverables for this action.

An interim report outlining the assessments undertaken at the Demonstration Centre and outlining/interpreting the results achieved

A final report on the assessment of crops cultivated with the different water typologies at the Demonstration Centre