Action C.5: Water App/Water Game
Concrete action

The objective of this action is to educate consumers on ways to improve water use and cost through a medium (smartphone/tablet) which is widely used by consumers throughout the day.

  • LEAD PARTNERInformation Management Unit (Ministry for Energy and Water Management)
  • LOCATIONMaltese Islands
  • STATUSForthcoming
  • KEYWORDS Water app, Water game,
  • RELATED ACTIONS A.1, A.2, A.3, A.4, C1,
Photo of action
Photo of action
  • The action proposes to reach its objective through the development of a water consumption app, and a water consumption game, both of which will be freely available (downloadable) to consumers. The water consumption app will connect customers with their utilities company through their smart water meter and immediately alert users when damaging

  • leaks are detected. In addition, the app will provide water consumption analytics, and educate consumers by pinpointing sources of water waste and ways on how to conserve water and energy. The water strategy game will be part of the educational campaign segment and will be rolled out to secondary school children and installed on school PCs and tablets.

  • By gamifying the concept of water consumption monitoring, this action will seek to indirectly affect the water consumption characteristics of consumers, providing a ‘fun-based’ way of creating increased

  • awareness on the need to optimise their water use. The action will be targeting users within the 15-40 age bracket who are more mobile and online oriented and may not follow traditional (offline) media.

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Deployment of a mobile/web app

Development of a Strategy Game