Deck the Halls with Water Savings: A Festive Guide to Sustainable Celebrations

11 Dec, 2023    |   by RBMP Life   |   

During the festive season, it's crucial to consider water conservation amidst the holiday conveniences. Increased cooking, baking, and overall activity lead to a surge in seasonal water consumption. Adopt these practical water-saving tips:

  • Install a water-efficient showerhead to cut shower water usage in half.
  • Reuse water from soaking vegetables for cooking or watering your Christmas tree.
  • Opt for the dishwasher's eco cycle for efficient and time-saving washing.
  • Use the washing machine's 30-degree eco setting for table linen, maximizing water use.
  • Employ cistern bags and leaky loo strips to reduce water consumption during increased toilet flushing.
  • Wash dishes by filling the sink with soapy water rather than running the tap continuously.
  • Ensure washing and drying machines are used at full capacity for water and energy efficiency.
  • Consider water-efficient gadgets like tap aerators and showerheads as eco-friendly stocking fillers.


Remember, all we want for Christmas is to #SaveWater and #SaveMoney. Enhance your festive spirit by enjoying our Christmas shower playlist, aiming to keep your shower time to 4 minutes.

Find the playlist here: 


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