Be Careful! Fat, oil and grease

28 Nov, 2022    |   by RBMP Life   |   

Fat, oil and grease often ends up being washed down the kitchen sink – but this can harden, blocking pipes and causing pollution.Fats and oils collect inside the sewers. Over time, they harden to a concrete-like material and restrict the flow of wastewater in the pipes.These blockages can cause wastewater to back-up through toilets and sinks into homes and businesses – or escape through manholes into streets


How to prevent fat, oils and grease blocking sewers

Our sewers are only designed to take away the three Ps – pee, poo and paper.

In the kitchen, follow our top tips to avoid fat, oil and grease building up in the sewer.

  • ·       Use containers – butter tubs, yoghurt pots or jam jars can all be used to collect cooled fat and oil – then just put them in the bin
  • ·       Clear your plates – scrape any leftover food or grease and fat residue from plates, pans or cooking utensils into the bin
  • ·       Use a bin – put a bin in your bathroom for anything that isn’t pee, poo or paper
  • ·       Bag it and bin it – use scented nappy sacks or dog poo bags for any rubbish that may cause a smell
  • ·       Compost your food waste – collect uncooked fruit and vegetable peelings for use as compost in your garden
  • ·       Strain it – use a sink strainer or drain protector to stop hair blocking your drain.