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30-08-1983 to 30-05-1987
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The project aim was to demonstrate that space heating by means of solar energy and aquifer storage is technically feasible and capable of primary energy savings +/- 50%. The project was built in Bunnik for the company Bredero. The office building to be heated consisted in three units of 9,000 m2 total floor surface with an annual heat demand of 660 MWh. The building was not equipped with a cooling system except for the computer room.
The heating system contained: flat plate solar collectors, short term energy storage, long term thermal energy aquifer storage (with an estimated injection and extraction of about 18,000 m3), a gas engine driven heat pump and a conventional gas boiler. For space heating, the waste heat of the computer room cooling system was used (95 MWh/yr). The annual gas consumption of the heating system was estimated to be 392 MWh. There were three operating modes of the plant:
Summer: heat from the collectors and the computer cooling system is injected into the Aquifer

Spring/Autumn: space heating by a heat pump with heat supply from solar collectors and cooling system waste heat

Winter: space heating by heat pumps with heat supply from an aquifer and a cooling system and additional heating by a gas boiler at low outside temperatures. The solar system is not in operation in the wintertime.

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Heating and cooling installations
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Name: GROENEVELD G. J.    |    Email/Telephone: +31-85778899    |    Institution: HEIDEMIJ ADVIESBUREAU

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