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Green Roof
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1998 - 2003
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The overall aims involved in the construction of the demonstration facility for green roof installations have been completed. The sustainability of such roofs in the Scandinavian climate conditions has been verified. Research work has been completed and other work is still in the initial stages, confirming the various environmental benefits of the green roof installations. Expectations prior to carrying out the project have been met:

- Green roofs ensure considerable reduction of the storm water run-off. The system is anticipated to serve an important storm water management role by markedly decreasing storm water flow peaks and reducing problems of local flooding. Green roofs provide a significant water regulation effect during rainfall events. Up to 60 % of the yearly precipitation can be managed in-situ and returned to the atmospheric hydrological cycle through evaporation and transportation.

- Significant energy savings for heating can be achieved. Extensive green roofing is anticipated to reduce the overall energy consumption of the buildings through improvement of the roof’s thermal insulation and provision of active summer cooling through evaporation and transpiration effects.

- Wider biodiversity in urban environment can be achieved. The green roofs have the potential to increase biodiversity and reduce noise in the area. Roof greening is in addition anticipated to extend the useful life of the roof providing for material and cost savings in roof maintenance or replacement. The green roof area of 9 500 square meters is still maintained by the beneficiary and is expected to last for several decades.

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Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems
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Jonatan Malmberg  |  |   Augustenborg Botanical Roof Garden

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