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01-11-2011 to 31-12-2014
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EcoWater addressed the development of meso-level eco-efficiency indicators for technology assessment through a systems' approach. The effort focussed on enhancing the understanding of the interrelations of innovative technology uptake in water use systems, and their economic and environmental impacts. Research addressed a selection of indicators appropriate for the assessment of system-wide eco-efficiency improvements, the integration of existing tools and assessment methods in a coherent modelling environment, and the analysis and characterisation of existing structures and policies. The foreseen development of an analytical framework was to support:

1. Systemic environmental impact assessments,

2.  Economic assessments,

3.  Analysis of value chains and actor interactions,

4. Technology implementation and uptake scenarios.

Four Case Studies assessed meso-level eco-efficiency improvements from innovative technologies in water systems for the textile industry, for energy production, for dairy production and the automotive industry. The main outputs included a validated and tested methodological framework that supports the four points mentioned above, an integrated toolbox for systems' eco-efficiency analysis, and policy recommendations for technology uptake and implementation. To ensure wide dissemination and applicability, the project organised activities to address different target audiences and to develop operational science-industry-policy links at the level of Case Studies and at wider EU and international scale.

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Eco-label scheme
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Name: Dionysis Assimacopoulos   |    Email/Telephone: +30 210 7723218   |    Institution: National Technical University of Athens

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Deliverable 1.1: Review and selection of eco-efficiency indicators to be used in the EcoWater Case Studies – Report

Deliverable 1.2: Technology inventory design and specifications – Report and Technology Inventory

Deliverable 1.3: Populated Technology Inventory – Report and Populated Technology Inventory

Deliverable 1.4: Review of existing frameworks and tools for developing eco-efficiency indicators - Report

Deliverable 1.5: Finalized Systemic Environmental Analysis Tool (SEAT) – Report

Deliverable 1.6: Finalized Economic Value chain Analysis Tool (EVAT) – Report

Deliverable 2.1: Value Chain Mapping of the Agricultural Water Systems – Report

Deliverable 2.2: Baseline eco-efficiency assessment for the analysed agricultural water systems - Report

Deliverable 2.3: Innovative Technologies for Eco-Efficiency Improvement in Agricultural Water Use - Report

Deliverable 2.4: Technology assessment and scenario analysis – Report

Deliverable 3.1: Value Chain Description of the Analysed Urban Water Systems - Report

Deliverable 3.2: Baseline eco-efficiency assessment in urban water systems – Report

Deliverable 3.3: Innovative technologies for eco-efficiency improvement - Report

Deliverable 3.4: Technology assessment and scenario analysis - Report

Deliverable 4.1: Description of value chains for industrial water use - Report

Deliverable 4.2: Description of value chains for industrial water use – Report

Deliverable 4.3: Innovative technologies for enhancing the eco-efficiency of water use in industries – Report

Deliverable 4.4: Technology assessment and scenario analysis - Report

Deliverable 5.1: Step-wise consolidated guidelines for the development of meso-scale eco-efficiency indicators - Report

Deliverable 5.2: Cross-comparison of Case-study Outcomes - Report

Deliverable 5.3: Functional design of the meso-scale eco-efficiency toolbox - Report

Deliverable 5.10: Finalized guidelines for the use of the EcoWater Toolbox - Report

Deliverable 5.11: Finalized guidelines for the use of the EcoWater Toolbox - Report

Deliverable 6.1: Synthesis report from the 1st Round of Case Study Events - Report

Deliverable 6.2: Synthesis report from the 2nd Round of Case Study Events – Report

Deliverable 6.3: Proceedings of the 1st targeted event Research links – Report

Deliverable 6.4: Report from the 2nd targeted event (Policy links) - Report

Deliverable 6.5: Report from the 3rd targeted event (Policy links) - Report

Deliverable 6.6: Conference Proceedings

Deliverable 6.7: Project Web Site - Report

Deliverable 6.8: Project Factsheet – Report



Deliverable 6.10: 1st EcoWater Newsletter

Deliverable 6.11: 2nd EcoWater Newsletter

Deliverable 6.12: 3rd EcoWater Newsletter

Deliverable 6.13:  4th EcoWater Newsletter

Deliverable 6.14: EcoWater Science-Policy Briefs

Deliverable 6.15: Ecowater Product Fliers

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