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LIFE UrbanProof
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The main expected results of this project are as follows:

•Development of the UrbanProof toolkit, a web-based platform and decision-support tool for urban adaptation planning and community-based participation;

•Production of a toolkit administrator guide and tutorial video;

•Evaluation of the technical and economic viability of the toolkit;

•Identification and assessment of the likely impacts of climate change on the partner municipalities in Cyprus, Greece and Italy and development of local adaptation strategies for these municipalities;

•Endorsement by the municipalities of these strategies (local council approval);

•Implementation of green infrastructure projects in partner municipalities in Cyprus and Italy. These include green spaces, green roofs and permeable pavements in Strovolos, Lakatamia and Emilia. The expected impact of these measures is quantified as follows: Green roofs: runoff reduction of 38%; reduction of annual energy demand for heating/cooling by 7.9kW/m2/yr, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 4.3kg CO2 equivalent, reduction of ambient air temperature by 1°C; permeable pavements: runoff reduction of 20-30%, reduction of ambient air temperature by 1.5°C; greening areas: runoff reduction of 23-34%; urban agricultural gardens: runoff reduction of 10-50%; and

•Dissemination activities throughout the project’s lifespan to raise awareness of the project and its potential for replicability, including events, training seminars, a scientific conference and technical and scientific publications.

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Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems
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Theodoulos Mesimeris  |  |   Department of Environment, Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment

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