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LIFE AERFIT aims to demonstrate an innovative adaptation technology to prevent damage from urban pluvial flooding. The main objective is to prove that FHVI is an effective adaptation strategy. In this regard, through the project’s actions and applications, the two main objectives are:

•To provide sound evidence of the effectiveness of FHVI to deal with extreme rainfall, as well as its wide applicability (i.e. replicability) and favourable implementation costs; and

•To disseminate the results and the applicability potential of the project to authorities and professionals throughout the EU.


Expected results: The project expects to achieve the following results:

•A successful demonstration of the FHVI technique as a cost-effective adaptation strategy for climate change (extreme rainfall) and prevention of damage from pluvial flooding in urban areas;

•A reduction of frequency, duration and level of flooding events in Putten, the target being no water on the street at peak precipitation levels of a T10 event corresponding to a total quantity of 36 mm per hour;

•Improved quality of effluent at the wastewater treatment plant;

•Reduction of 5 200 m3/yr of discharge of excessive, untreated mixed rain and sewer water;

•Prevention of desiccation, through 46 800 m3/yr of water added to groundwater reserves;

•Resilience to spills (key in this respect is that a spill in a FHVI infiltration well can be ‘reversed’, i.e. used to pump back spills that penetrated the groundwater);

•Dissemination of project and monitoring results to stakeholders and target audiences;

•Creation of interest of at least 10 other European cities and municipalities to implement the FHVI technique to adapt to climate change; and

•Provision of a blueprint, facilitating rapid replication and transferability to other European cities and municipalities.

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Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems
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Jan Aan 't Goor  |  |   Municipality of Putten

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