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2007 - 2010
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Coordination Action INNOVA-MED aims to coordinate the research activities of ongoing EU and national projects dealing with development of innovative technologies for wastewater treatment and treatment and disposal of sludges and with application of innovative practices for re-use of reclaimed water and to facilitate the transfer and use of knowledge and technology in the MPC.

The main objective is to explore the synergies of the research carried out within different programmes and countries (eg. EU, WBC, DEV, NIS, MCP) and to facilitate the communication with researchers and national and regional institutions from the MPC and allow a broad dissemination and transfer of the knowledge/technology/practice to the Mediterranean area.

The specific objectives of INNOVA-MED are:

- to exploit complementarities in research objectives, methodologies and data analysis of ongoing as well recently completed EU and national projects on wastewater treatment and re-use in the EU and MPC in line with the Integrated Water Resources and Allocation Management (IWRAM) priorities indicated in the recommendations of the recent Critical Review of EU-INCO water research projects from FP4 to FP6 (Brussels, EUR 22017, Brussels, 2006)

- to facilitate efficient dissemination/exploitation of information and to improve the effectiveness in the transfer and sharing of an integrated and comprehensive knowledge on wastewater treatment and re-use technologies between EU and MPC

- to allow access to easy to use information on wastewater treatment and re-use in the Mediterranean region based on effectively share and transfer of the rational extraction of knowledge built and organized during the project

- to counteract fragmentation of the research and to improve dissemination of the RTD results, as well as public awareness on the sustainability of water by connecting research with local knowledge, policy institutions and implementing bodies in the Mediterranean region

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Industrial Discharges – Enforcement Augmentation and Sustainability
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Contact Person 1: Coordinator

Name: Damia Barcelo   |    Email:   |    Institution: Dept. Env Chemistry - Girona

Contact Person 2: Project Manager

Name: Mira Petrovic   |    Email:    |     Institution: Dept. Env Chemistry - Girona

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