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The project was commissioned to achieve the following objectives:

Broaden baseline data by investigating the causes of high water consumption in the residential sector.

Determine the potential for water saving opportunities in such homes.

Promote positive behavioral change and help Abu Dhabi residents appreciate the real value of water resources, reduce wastage and increase end use efficiency.

The project targeted residents of Abu Dhabi and Al Ain living in villas and Shaabbias whose consumption was in the red band (greater than 7000L/day).


The project consisted of the following stages:

Phase 1: involved recruiting 45 participating homes from a pre-selected list of high water consuming properties in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain.

Phase 2: involved conducting detailed surveys and water use audits for the 45 participating homes. The surveying and auditing exercised comprised the following activities:

- Irrigation and landscape audit
- Consumer behavioral survey
- Plumbing audit

Phase 3: involved analysing the gathered information and generating statistics on household water usage estimates and patterns.

Phase 4: the data analysis phase provided better understanding on water usage in the studied homes and determined the potential for water saving opportunities. Summary reports on current water use breakdown in the studied homes, together with water saving recommendations were provided to the residents to encourage the adoption of Waterwise measures in their homes.

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Household Water Consumption Audits
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