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January 2012- December 2014
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In light of the real need to practically improve the environmental performance of irrigation systems and to prevent the misuse of water, ENORASIS project developed an intelligent irrigation Decision Support System (ENORASIS Service Platform and Components), which enables sustainable irrigation management for farmers and water management organizations.

ENORASIS is a server-based system that gathers data from satellite observations and field equipment (wireless sensor networks), that uses the next-generation weather prediction model Weather Research and Forecasting Model (WRF) to provide high spatial accuracy estimations for precipitation. It combines all this information with specific crop characteristics (using FAO56 model) to produce daily optimal irrigation advice that is communicated to farmers via web or mobile. Accordingly, farmers may use this real-time information to schedule irrigation activities also in interaction with other cultivation tasks and monitor water consumption both in terms of quantity and cost. Water Management Authorities may use water consumption monitoring data to estimate short and long term pressures on water reservoirs, set water prices as drivers for sustainable irrigation and apply pricing schemes that incorporate the real costs of water (in accordance with the Water Framework Directive - WFD).

The project has achieved the development of the ENORASIS platform and other components (such as the Meteo Analysis Tool, Wireless Sensor Network - WSN, Digital Signature Standard - DSS algorithm). In addition, interfaces with billing systems and the relative subsystems and functionalities were also developed. Web and mobile ENORASIS users’ interfaces and Geographic Information System (GIS) application of ENORASIS were prepared, with a friendly, easy-to-use layout targeted to end-users’ needs.

The ENORASIS system has been tested for 2 cultivation periods in 5 pilot implementations covering 9 different crops, 4 different climatic conditions and 2 operational approaches. The performance of pilots was validated and assessed against specific Key Performance Indicators. Four policy workshops, three scientific ones and a final conference have been organised with around 500 participants in total, accomplishing proper dissemination of the project and its results and contributing to policy dialogue about sustainable irrigation management in Europe.

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Remote sensing for agricultural water demand
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Name: Dr. Machi Simeonidou   |    Email:   |    Institution: DRAXIS ENVIRONMENTAL S.A., Greece

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