Action A.3: Mapping of related EU Research Projects
Preparatory action

The development of a catalogue of research projects related to each Concrete Action of the LIFE Integrated Project.

  • LEAD PARTNEREnergy and Water Agency (EWA)
  • LOCATIONMaltese Islands
  • STATUSOngoing
  • KEYWORDS Database, Research Catalogue,
Photo of action
Photo of action
  • The action will seek to establish an inventory of related EU-funded initiatives which can be referred to during the development and implementation of the concrete actions during the 2nd, 3rd and 4th phases of the

  • LIFE Integrated Project. The inventory shall be developed by the EWA with the support of all the project beneficiaries according to the respective field of competence.  Explore Related EU Projects

  • The main result of this action is a database of related EU funded projects, classified according to the Concrete Actions envisaged under the LIFE IP. The database will include links

  • to research results and project deliverables achieved under these projects to provide a wide information base to support the development of the LIFE IP’s Concrete Actions.

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Online catalogue as part of the LIFE 16 IPE MT 008 website

A report showcasing EU funded research initiatives of relevance to water management in the Maltese Islands.